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Artists will be notified of acceptance approximately two weeks after their application is received. You will have one week to confirm your acceptance.

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1.    Cover Letter describing your interest in SAW’s Upstate Independent Artist Residency. Please discuss how you will contribute and benefit from being at SAW. Briefly describe your work and how you see it developing while you are at SAW. After reviewing SAW facilities and grounds, which of SAW facilities could you best utilize?

2.    12 – 15 work samples

3.     Title sheet listing title, size, medium and date completed

4.    One letter of reference

5.    Resume

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Attn: Upstate Independent Artist Residency - 4 X 10

Salem Art Works

19 Cary Lane, Salem NY 12865


To send by email:  

ALL documents must be clearly labeled with last name.  Please send as PDF attachments when possible. Label email subjectUpstate Independent Artist Residency - 4 X 10.