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September 25, 26 & 27

Fee for iron casting participants: $95 + materials. (includes food and accommodations for the weekend)

FREE for spectators

Some crafts and demos will cost $10 or more.

Food and drink for sale

Photos from the weekend

September 25th, 6pm

September 25th, 6pm

Friday Night, 6pm: Chill, Grill, Spill on the Hill, A night performance based on a gathering of community and friends. Performance By Matt Wicker, Michael Bonadio and crew. 

Saturday Morning Key Note Speaker, 11pm: Adam Demchak from Polich Tallix fine art foundry. He will be talking about his view point as a metallurgist in a contemporary art foundry.

Saturday Afternoon - Evening, Noon - 7pm: POURING IRON!!!

Dick Polich and Adam Demchak from Polich Tallix fine art foundry. 

Dick Polich and Adam Demchak from Polich Tallix fine art foundry. 

 A large white tent at the entrance will have blacksmithing demonstrations, participatory metal crafts; scratch block molds and cuttle bone casting, and a custom silk screen-printing stand. By the tent there will also be new SAW merchandise and an assortment of food and drinks for sale.

Sunday Morning: Break molds, check out, clean up


The 9th Annual Intercollegiate Iron Pour is a chance for college students from across the nation to come together to share techniques, ideas, and resources in iron casting.  Participants spend the weekend working in groups to prepare the furnace and pour site. The $95 fee includes participation in the pour as well as meals and camping for the weekend. Interested participants should contact the SAW office as well as their respective art departments.

Participants interested in taking a mold-making workshop prior to the pour should contact the SAW office for pricing and scheduling.

*Artists interested in making resin bonded molds are subject to material fees: $20 per 100 lbs. of sand(Includes resin and catalyst.) $.50 per lb. of iron.   Additional fees may apply. 



During Saturday 26th Starting Around Noon

Spectators are always welcome at SAW's Iron Pour Events. Iron Pours are a unique spectacle to watch because viewers witness a collaboration between metal casting artists. Watching an iron pour is an exhibit of artistic and physical triumph. With strength and coordination they navigate the 2,800 F degrees of liquid metal into sand molds to create one of a kind works of art. Iron pours have loud machinery sounds, metal smells, heated entertainment and team minded artistic energy unparalleled to any other art processes.

During pours we offer an opportunity to make a unique one of a kind scratch block mold starting at $10. Scratch blocks are sand molds that participants can carve into. Watch as your scratch block gets poured live in front of you. Your iron piece is then available for you to pick up the next day and keep forever. 

This iron pour weekend we will have a full merchandise tent and again the popular screen printing lemonade stand. Watch the pour, enjoy cookies, water, hot dogs and burgers for sale.