Mission Statement

Salem Art Works (SAW) mission is to provide a unique alternative arts learning/experimental environment to support young emerging and established artists in the creation of new and progressive work in addition to promoting the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art within the Lower Adirondack/Saratoga and Southwestern Vermont regions.


Letter From the Founder


Dear Friends,

These 119.4 acres, located in the Village of Salem in Washington County, New York, were acquired on February 11, 2005 for the sole purpose of evolving SAW from a dream to a reality.

The ethos of Salem Art Works - a place where all disciplines and artists can truly converge in one location exists - as our lifeblood.

In a time when a lot of artwork is created in a reductive, “hands-off” approach, SAW’s mission is to blend and create an atmosphere where all methodologies, approaches and concepts are equal. This fluid, investigative curiosity is a timeless pursuit which underpins a large part of the human experience.

We have created a place which is a pool of equal resources and possibilities.  All ideas and efforts must be approached with passion and focus and a deep willingness to take chances.  It is my hope that all artists that are part of the SAW experience go beyond what one thinks of as being possible.


I hope to see you in our upcoming summer season.


Anthony Cafritz

Founder/ Director