Mission Statement

Salem Art Works is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit art center and sculpture park located in rural Upstate New York. Founded in 2005 by artist Anthony Cafritz, Salem Art Works is dedicated to supporting both emerging and established artists in the creation of new and progressive work, as well as promoting the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art within the region.


Letter From the Founder


Dear Friends,

We are now entering our tenth season. It feels like yesterday when Gary Humphreys and I moved into the Cary House that had been vacant for eleven years. This house was empty and quiet, echoing the voices and memories of Josephine and Carlos Cary and the full life they led as dairy farmers and vital Salem area community members. In February of 2005, I had a sense of what Salem Art Works might be. I knew it must exist as a compendium of parts, moving together in soft synchronicity. 

Now I see the inherent structure of  SAW as similar to the inner-workings of a Swiss watch, many parts moving together symbiotically and purposefully- this is SAW’s nature and its’ cause. The world is changing quickly and the act of making is evolving. Art and art schools currently emphasize the theoretical and conceptual. These movements are wonderful and exciting; but the act of physically making art should be universal to where all methods, practices, ideas and tools are seen as total - an open source approach to the process of creation.

Artists at SAW should feel the freedom and fluidity to explore all ideas and methods for the entrance and execution of concepts and ideas. For instance, the artist must have the mental and physical space to employ virtual thinking while simultaneously casting iron or other media. This curiosity to strive for real time, faceted thinking is the resolute underpinning of Salem Art Works.

SAW has been created by hundreds of individuals who have not only helped frame our identity, but also have continued to hone and define our mission; their hard work and energy is long lasting. These individuals, being from this region and other parts of the world have brought us to this flash point. For this, I am always and will ever be deeply grateful.

Our tenth season heralds the full realization of our mission. There have been many developments to our architecture and landscape that give access and expand the use of our 119.4 acres. These changes are endemic to the coalescence of all structural and philosophical aspects that SAW can offer.

I invite you to take part in our 2014 season. Whether you are already part of the SAW family or new to our community, please join us for our up and coming robust year.


Anthony Cafritz

Founder/ Director