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As part of an ongoing commitment to support creative learning through arts access and to engage youth throughout the greater Capital region, Salem Art Works offers Art 101, a one day series of workshops for high school juniors and seniors. 

Art 101 is offered April, May, and October each year on SAW's campus. During an Art 101 field trip, students participate in two workshops led by practicing artists. Workshops include instruction on safety procedures and fundamental skills for participants to create a work of art in each workshop and build their knowledge and confidence. During the midday break, students visit the Cary Hill Sculpture Park and tour SAW’s facilities, exploring many contemporary works of art situated on SAW’s 120 acre campus. 



Art 101 workshops are offered April, May, and October every year.

Group Size
Minimum of 12 students (6 students per workshop), maximum of 30 students

Blacksmithing 101, Glass Blowing 101, Metal Fabricaiton 101, Silkscreen Printing 101, and Stone Carving 101. See full descriptions below.

Arrival | 9:00am
Orientation | 9:00-9:30am
Workshops | 9:30-12:00pm
Lunch and Tour | 12:00pm-1:00pm
Workshops | 1:00pm-3:30pm
Departure | 3:30pm

Students pay a subsadized rate of $20, minimum of 12 students



Blacksmithing 101
Students will learn basic hammer control, tapering, basic curls, shouldering, hot cutting, basic metallurgy, safety, tool nomenclature, simple twists, and general “white” work. Students will practice these techniques to produce a hand forged hook.

Glass Blowing 101
This is an introduction to what glass is and how to work with solid forms and color. Paperweights and flower forms are a great place to discover this fascinating material. Each student will make something to keep in this fun and informative class. After a brief safety talk and an introduction to the tools and equipment each student will be able to work the Gaffers bench and experiment with the glass.

Metal Fabrication 101
There are many welding processes including Mig welding, Stick welding, Tig welding, oxy-acetylene welding. In this workshop, students will observe and try different methods of welding, but will focus on Mig Welding and Plasma Cutting for the sake of expediency. The instructor will provide demonstration on safe and proper use of a variety of equipment, then students will choose metal scrap material to assemble and create a sculpture of their own design.

Screen Printing 101
Students will participate in the entire process of creating a finished silk screen printed t-shirt. Students will choose a group theme and each draw something related on a pre-cut 2in by 2in transparency. The instructor will demonstrate how to create a screen using the student’s designs. Once the screen is ready, each student will print the design on a t-shirt provided by SAW. Students are encouraged to bring additional clothing or paper to print on, and will have additional designs to choose from.

Stone Carving 101
Working with hand saws, files, and sand paper, students will carve a piece of soft stone into a smooth form which fits in their hand. Students will compare and contrast the techniques used on soft stone, to more challenging stones such as marble and slate. The instructor will briefly discuss regional stone mining of slate and marble, to expose students to local resources and history.

Art 101 is supported by

New York State Council on the Arts
with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
and the New York State Legislature

The Charles R. Wood Foundation

The Leo Cox Beach Foundation

Sandy Hill Foundation