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James Garvey ‘Form-Idea’ Workshop, June 2018. Photo by William Graziano.

James Garvey ‘Form-Idea’ Workshop, June 2018. Photo by William Graziano.


Blacksmithing workshops are designed to develop students’ skills in metal working and to encourage them to explore their individual interests in this diversified field of study. Building upon fundamental techniques, students progress to create work both functional and artistic, serving to increase an awareness of our tactile world and the work that goes into making it.

The Blacksmithing shop is outfitted to support 6 people working in the shop at a time. Beginner through advanced students will be accommodated with tools, tongs, hammers, and propane and coal forges during workshops, studio rentals and events.


Blacksmithing Workshops


Beginner Blacksmithing | Luke Claymon

Saturday & Sunday, November 2-3, 2019, 10am to 5pm
Skill Level: Beginners (No experience necessary)
Class Size: up to 8 people
Price: $200 (Includes Materials)

General shop protocol and safety issues will be introduced to begin this class. Students will learn fire starting and management of coal forge fires to achieve optimum working temperatures. Hammer and anvil use to perform the basic techniques of drawing out, tapering, hot cutting, upsetting, bending, and curling will be covered. Students will develop skills and confidence to work independently on basic blacksmithing projects suggested by the instructor.


Forge a Sign or Plant Hanger | Luke Claymon

Saturday & Sunday, December 7-8, 2019, 10am to 5pm
Skill Level: Beginners and up (Some experience in blacksmithing or welding maybe helpful)
Class Size: up to 8 people
Price: $200 plus Materials: $30

In this workshop, participants will use blacksmithing techniques and modern welding to make a wrought steel sign or plant hanger suitable for bolting to a wall or post. Using half inch steel square bar stock, we will forge tapers, twist, and curl three components parts. One of these will have two holes punched to accommodate lag bolts. The three parts will then be MIG welded together. MIG welding instruction is included as part of the class. The hanger will then be finished with wire brushes and a coating of bee’s wax. This should make a nice gift for the holidays.


Bladesmithing Workshops

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Hunting Knife Workshop | Jordan LaMothe

Friday thru Sunday, October 25-27, 2019, 10am to 5pm
Skill Level: Intermediate and up. Students should be familiar with basic forging processes.
Class Size: up to 6 people
Price: $350 Materials: $75

This is a fast-paced class that covers the fundamentals of making a high-quality, forged knife without the use of expensive grinding and heat treating equipment. Students will develop their hammer control and filing technique and learn about the metallurgy behind proper heat treatment, as they complete a hidden-tang, hunting knife with a guard and a hardwood handle.


Chef Knife Workshop | Jordan LaMothe

Friday thru Sunday, November 15-17, 2019 10am to 5pm
Skill Level: Beginner and up (14 years old and up)
Class Size: up to 4 people
Price: $350 Materials: $75

Everyone likes a good meal, but you can’t prepare a good meal without a good knife! Over the course of three days, students will craft their very own chef knives while learning principles of knife design and heat treating and developing their skills at forging, grinding, and finishing. Special attention will be given to the blade and handle geometry required to make an ergonomic and efficient cutting tool.

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 11.47.57 AM.png

Jordan LaMothe began pursuing his interest in blacksmithing at age 14, taking a class and setting up his own forge in his parents’ barn. Now, Jordan is a full-time bladesmith, making a wide variety of knives, axes, and swords. He holds the Journeyman Smith ranking in the American Bladesmith Society, and was a champion on History Channel’s bladesmithing competition Forged in Fire. Jordan is also a vocalist and a saxophonist, and holds a BA in music from Williams College in Mass. He lives on a small farm in Hebron, NY, and hauls his family’s firewood with a team of oxen.


Knife sharpening


Knife Sharpening | Howard Schechter

Saturday, October 19, 2019, from 9am to 4pm
Class Size: up to 12 people
Skill Level: Beginner and up (No experience necessary)
Price: $75 (Includes Materials)

Chasing the sharpest edge possible has consumed my time and efforts for the past 16 years. I started making knives in 1973 and have worked diligently to get blades of all types as sharp as possible with a repeatable process that can be replicated by other people. Over the years I have studied whetstones in museums around the world and have amassed a huge study collection of rocks which have been used for various purposes by craftsmen around the world throughout time. All of my work is done under magnification and I have invented tools and processes for sharpening quickly and to a keen edge. I teach sharpening and honing at several schools and find joy in teaching someone how to keep their tools sharp.

At the end of this presentation, those present will have:

1.     An understanding of edge geometry, steel, and how to sharpen a blade

2.     The elements of  sharpness

3.     A better way to understand the intersection of blade steel, heat treatment, blade geometry, stone type and technology, and how it all works together


Howard Schechter works from his home in Shrewsbury, MA. He is also a university professor who is applying his research skills to honing and sharpening and was never on Forged In Fire.

Website: theperfectblade and FB page, The Perfect Edge.

Schools: Adirondack Folk School, New England School of Metalwork, Guilford Art Center, Ashokan Center, Women in the Outdoors program in Massachusetts.





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