SAW’s ceramics program features two anagama wood kilns as well as a ceramics studio with an electric kiln, kick wheels, basic clay tools, bats, shelves, and enough space to work on any scale. Our largest anagama kiln holds over 120 cubic feet of ceramic work and is fired for an average of four days and nights by a team. The result is a truly unique surface, made by wood ash melting on every piece. All work made for the anagama must be Cone 10 clay, which can be purchased at SAW.


Ceramics Equipment

  • Wheels
  • Work stations
  • Wedging slab
  • Clay mixer
  • Kick wheels
  • Basic clay tools
  • Bats
  • Shelves

Materials fee: 

Artists Interested in using our ceramics studio and kiln firings are subject to anagama firings fees and cost of clay. One 50 lbs. box of clay is $25 and firing cost is $.06 per cubic inch. 

Kiln firings are available to ceramic artists who would like their work fired in the anagama wood kiln. Three full days will be spent loading the kiln, taking into account the movement of the flame and desired surface on the pieces. After loading, the kiln will be fired for five days and four nights, overseen by ceramic artists on site. All work must be Cone 10 clay, bone dry, or bisque fired and delivered to SAW at least two weeks prior to each firing for loading. 

Large Anagama Kiln Firings


Spring Firing

Loading: June 23rd - 25th

Firing: June 25th - 29th

Unloading: July 5th

Fall Firing

Loading: September 14th - 17th

Firing: September 17th - 21st

Unloading: September 27th

Our large wood- kiln was built in 2010 and the kiln has been fired about three times a year since. The kiln's large step grate, fire box and big chimney allows for beginner firers to reach desired temperatures. We fire our large kiln for about 100 hours followed by a week of cooling. The large kiln is a great teaching tool and allows for the wood firing of large scale work. The kiln holds about 120 cubic feet of ceramics.

Small Anagama Kiln Firings

Spring Firing

Loading: June 11th

Firing: June 12th - 14th

Unloading: June 17th

Summer Firing

Loading: July 23rd

Firing: July 24th - 26th

Unloading: August 1st

Fall Firing

Loading: October 15th

Firing: October 16th - 18th

Unloading: October 22nd

Our small wood kiln was built to bring a clear understanding of the principles of wood- firing to beginner firers, while still producing great surfaces. The scale of the kiln allows for quicker wood firings and a closer relationship for the firer and the kiln.  After a day of loading the kiln is fired for about 48 hours followed by three days of cooling. This kiln holds about 20 cubic feet of ceramics.

Watch the Opening of the Kilns

Guests are always welcome to watch this unique art process. anagama kilns are a 5th century ancient type of Japanese and Chinese pottery. The anagama kiln coats Cone 10 clay in wood ash for a beautiful natural glaze, range of colors, and both smooth and rough effects. Stop by to talk to ceramic artists and watch the opening of the kiln.

Electric Kiln

Newly installed this year is a Scutt 1227 Electric kiln with a computer allowing the user to program a firing. The Interior dimensions are depth 27 inches and width 28 inches. Maximum firing temp is cone 04 which would be fine for doing earthenware glazes or bisqueing high fire pieces. SAW will rent the kiln at 25.00 per firing.