Seeking qualified candidate for Sculpture Park Manager position

Job Description – Sculpture Park Manager

Reports to:
Executive Director

April-September: 9am-3pm, Wednesday-Sunday
October-April: 9am-3pm, Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday

To maintain operations, organization, and cleanliness of Salem Art Works grounds and facilities to support artist programs, workshops, exhibitions, and events.

+ Responsibilities and Job Function

  • Ensure grounds and facilities are clean and organized; including lawn mowing, weed whacking, gardening, and cleaning
  • Assist with maintaining and repairing tools and equipment
  • Lead building projects, including carpentry, metal fabrication, and masonry
  • Lead install and deinstall of artwork for indoor and outdoor exhibitions
  • Maintain the Cary Hill Sculpture Park archive of past and present work
  • Adhere to general safety standards
  • Maintain appropriate signage for artwork, parking, facilities, housing, with CNC
  • Work with intern coordinator on artist orientation and supervision to complete tasks related to grounds, garden, facilities/shop maintenance, and event prep
  • Assist artists with construction, installation, and deinstallation of art work
  • Attend morning meetings and weekly critiques and artist presentations
  • Ensure artists fulfill community responsibilities including cooking and cleaning
  • Assist with opening and closing of all exhibitions, events, and workshops including preparing space, cleaning, lighting, moving tables, chairs, projector etc

+ Qualifications

  • BA or BFA, or equivalent experience
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in related field
  • Must have reliable vehicle and valid driver’s license
  • Basic computer skills e.g. word doc, email, instagram, facebook etc.

+ Preferred Skills

  • Experience managing a crew and delegating tasks according to skillset
  • Experience operating large equipment including lawn mower, tractor, crane etc
  • Experience operating CNC machine
  • Exhibition preparation; including installation and deinstallation
  • Carpentry, masonry, metal fabrication
  • Ability to multi-task and work in fast paced environment
  • Punctual, self-starter, multi-task, work in fast paced environment
  • Has a positive attitude and excellent customer service skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills

+ Compensation

  • Hourly. $10.00 per hour includes room, board, and studio.

Deadline: August 1, 2017
Start Date: August 20, 2017

The application requires basic contact information, three references, cover letter, resume, 12 work samples, and title sheet.