Seeking qualified candidate for Foundry Director position

Job Description – Foundry Director

Reports to: Executive Director

Hours: Seasonal. Position requires on-site presence during summer months, with hours varying based on scheduled events, resident artists, and scheduled pours. Off-season work varies, and can be done remotely.

Purpose: To run the foundry program at Salem Art Works, including management of studios and sand barn, and all related events; to support the continued growth and reach of the foundry program.

+ Responsibilities and Job Function

  • Oversee foundry activities including pours, classes, demos, and commissions
  • Work with Finance staff to develop and manage foundry budget
  • Work with Programs Director to develop and schedule foundry programs
  • Work with Communications Director to promote foundry product and programs
  • Determine viability and cost of foundry commissions and special projects
  • Oversee use of equipment by artists, students, and participants
  • Develop and oversee studio safety protocols
  • Conduct demonstrations concurrent with events and residencies
  • Oversee inventory, including sourcing, ordering, and tracking of all acquisitions
  • Maintain all foundry areas in a neat and organized manner
  • Oversee maintenance of equipment, consumables, tools, and safety gear
  • Supervise Studio Assistant, allocating tasks and responsibilities as appropriate
  • Offsite trips to promote Iron Pour and promotion through electronic media

+ Qualifications

Education: MFA or equivalent experience in foundry practices

Experience: A minimum of 5 years foundry experience. Preferred candidate will have experience building and running furnaces, creating patterns, making resin sand molds, and teaching.

+ Skills and Abilities

  • Pattern making and production for diverse metals (aluminum, bronze, iron)
  • Operation of coke fired furnaces and gas furnaces
  • Chasing, finishing, and patination for finishing work
  • Able to design, maintain, and repair equipment
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Client oriented and having a positive attitude

+ Compensation

$7,200 base rate includes general management of the foundry during the busy summer season; two 10-day mold making workshop and self-funded resident artist pours; four 5-day product and resident artist pours; and coordination of the Intercollegiate iron pour.

Additional workshops, classes, pours, and activities, as well as traveling demos and talks, are separately compensated on a case by case basis. Room, board, and studio are available to all staff as needed.

Deadline: April 10, 2017. 

Start Date: May 15, 2017

The application requires basic contact information, three references, cover letter, resume, 12 work samples, and title sheet.