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Harder Barter Market

The Harder Barter Market is a one hour pop-up performance during which a creative community learns the value of their handmade goods and services through the act of bartering under the playful exemplars of Lifetime Guarantee.

This participatory performance invites fellow makers to barter their handmade goods with one another in a festive market arena mediated by performance duo Lifetime Guarantee (Kristen Tordella-Williams and Jenny Hillenbrand). Open to all skill levels and ages — this social performance challenges our individual values in a collective space where not only tangible goods may be traded but anything is possible as an IOU. To participate, bring yourself and any handmade goods. There is only 1 hour to barter, so you must arrive early!

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Learn More About the Harder Barter Market

The Harder Barter Market’s exciting atmosphere is based on rules strictly upheld by Lifetime Guarantee in order to create the most bartering possible with a shared understanding amongst participants. A door person explains the rules carefully to entrants:

1. No currency
2. No re-entry
3. Entrance only to those bartering
4. IOU Services must be rendered by agreed upon date
5. Handshake seals the deal.

After agreeing, participants enter a red-taped arena centered on long tables on which they can spread out their goods. Lifetime Guarantee mediates the market and teaches participants how to barter, leading by example. We don bright red vests similar to big box greeters while maintaining order and promoting participants. Jenny finds those who hesitate to barter and encourages them to participate by whatever means necessary. Meanwhile, Kristen models how to say no (or yes!) when approached. Each half of Lifetime Guarantee exemplifies potential behavior participants can take in the Market, reacting in real time.

The Market invites the greater community to share and collect one another’s art objects, tools, and memorabilia to strengthen the bond amongst makers. It opens the door for collaboration and collection that might not otherwise happen by equalizing the creative arena. An emerging maker has a stage to present their work and trade with established artists outside of the privileged blue chip contemporary art market. The Harder Barter Market continues in the trend of celebrating and supporting fellow creatives through a shared love of making outside of financial concerns.