Committed to enriching the local artistic community, Salem Art Works’ exhibition spaces mirror diversity in creative expressions. SAW is proud to maintain an environment that simultaneously brings a deeper understanding of contemporary art to the region and creates a template for the open exchange of ideas between artist and supporter. 

The galleries are flexible multi-use spaces, hosting a multitude of events annually. Each gallery, through its unique characteristics, becomes a catalyst for a distinct experience. All Artist Receptions are from 6 pm - 8 pm. Monthly exhibitions and artist lectures are free and open to the public. For additional event programming, exhibition submission and information, please visit our website. 


Cary House Gallery 

The Cary House Gallery allows viewers to engage with artwork in a more traditional setting. Transformed from a rustic farmhouse into an intimate gallery environment, Cary House Gallery utilizes neutral design elements and lighting to complement the vibrancy of the art pieces. 

Barn 2 Gallery

Under high, vaulted ceilings of a converted dairy barn, Barn 2 is an expansive gallery which boasts over 8,300 square feet of exhibition space. This gallery is one of SAW’s most active exhibition spaces, hosting numerous events annually. Concealed discreetly behind the gallery walls are a number of artist studios and work spaces. 


2nd Floor, Barn 1

With balconies overlooking the first floor, the 2nd floor of Barn 1 is the perfect space for exhibitions. The natural beauty of this former hay loft is a charming, rustic setting for any display. The 2nd floor offers flexibility, state-of-the-art lighting, and a garage door for convenient access to an open air environment.