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Our mission is two-fold: to provide accessible work space to Glass Artists; and to provide a multi-level experience with glass that will inspire students through classes, workshops and individual instruction. Hot glass sculpting, kiln casting and glass blowing are our primary focus. In SAW tradition, we strive for a collaborative environment with each artist, using the team-method in our versatile facility. We invite all participants to inspire each other to a positive, challenging, and rewarding experience.  

The Glass Shop

The glass studio has a furnace that yields 110 lbs. of glass, a large glory hole (14”), a small glory hole (10”), two 8cf annealers, 16cf casting kiln, pipe warmer, two marver tables, and two workbenches. All kilns are powered by Digitry controllers. We melt Gabbert 8C which has a COE of 91. Artists are encouraged to bring their own tools and pipes to use while in residence.  

Studio Equipment

Straight shears
Diamond shears
Sophietas/Puffers – bent and straight
Graphite Parchoffis
Blocks and Paddles
Bench Torches
Break-off table w/Oxy-Propane torch
Vacuum table for metal leaf
Generous selection of optic molds
14” wet glass saw
Assorted diamond plate grinding pads and lap wheel
A good selection of powder frit and bar color available


Artist Programs

SAW offers three programs to artists working in the disciplines of hot glass sculpting, kiln casting, and glass blowing, all of which are fully subsidized (minus material fees) via a mix of grants and work-exchange.  Each program is intended to be an eight-week session, which can be adjusted depending on the Artist’s requirements.

Fellowship Artist

While focusing on development through defining artistic intent and completing new work, the Fellowship Artist in Glass has priority access to SAW’s glass studio and equipment.  In addition to studio space, Artists receive room/board and full access to SAW’s other departmental facilities. Fees apply for certain materials, gaffer assistance, and tools beyond what the studio provides.  

Emerging Artist 

Ideal for Student Artists just completing their initial degree, transitioning into post-graduate work, or simply taking a gap-year. Under the guidance of the Glass Director, the Emerging Artists not only focus on their individual artistic intent, but through work-exchange they also learn tool, kiln, furnace maintenance and other aspects of shop tech. In exchange they receive room/board, studio space and full access to SAW’s equipment and facilities. On average, the commitments of an Emerging Artist to technician work occupy about 20 hours per week. Shop use is limited to blocks of time between other programming. 

Intern Artist

As a part of Saw’s Intern Artist Program (IAP), participants work on projects or events for the SAW community across all disciplines.  IAP participants receive access to SAW’s equipment and facilities including the glass shop – where they can explore the medium, build upon their glass working skills, or make a specific piece. Instruction or material fees may apply. On average, the commitments of an IAP participant to technician work and community participation occupy about 25 hours per week.  

Studio Rental

The glass shop is available to rent at a daily rate. All day rentals include 30 lbs. of glass, marver table, workbench and basic hand tools. An additional warm up fee may apply. Artists interested in glass should contact the SAW office to customize their shop-rental experience and fees.

Entire Shop (no gaffer)

Half Day: $175  
Full Day: $350  
2-3 Days: $280 per day
1 Week (5 days): $250 per day 

Entire Shop (w/gaffer)

Half Day: $235  
Full Day: $470  
2-3 Days: $410 per day
1 Week (5 days): $370 per day 

Small glory hole and 8 cubic feet of annealer space (no gaffer) 

Half Day: $100  
Full Day: $200  
2-3 Days: $175 per day
1 Week (5 days): $125 per day 

Small glory hole and 8 cubic feet of annealer space (w/gaffer) 

Half Day: $160  
Full Day: $320  
2-3 Days: $290 per day
1 Week (5 days): $245 per day 

Large glory hole and 8 cubic feet of annealer space (no gaffer) 

Half Day: $125  
Full Day: $250  
2-3 Days: $200 per day
1 Week (5 days): $175 per day 

Large glory hole and 8 cubic feet of annealer space (w/gaffer) 

Half Day: $185  
Full Day: $370  
2-3 Days: $320 per day
1 Week (5 days): $295 per day 

Workshops and Classes

SAW offers multiple classes and workshops for artists of all levels with instruction in glass sculpting and glassblowing.   

Art 101: Teen Workshops – Working with Glass 

This is an introduction to what glass is and how to work with solid forms and color. Paperweights and flower forms are a great place to discover this fascinating material. Each student will make something to keep in this fun and informative class. After a brief safety talk and introduction to the tools and equipment each student will be able to work at the Gaffers bench and experiment with the glass.  

Participants must have close-toed shoes or boots; cotton, or wool clothes, and hair tied back. No spandex, nylon or other flammable materials.  Radiant heat can present a serious problem to these materials and cause them to melt. We will provide safety glasses.  

A six student minimum is required per 3-hour session, $35 per student. Max is 8 students.  

Glass Workshop Weekends: Introduction to Glass, Solid Forming

This is a two-day class that will cover the basic skill set needed to work with solid forms in glass. We will explore the use of colored glass and forming shapes. Glass can be anything! From spherical forms full of color to sculptural statements, we will help you along the way to make this a memorable experience you will want to do again. 

Classes run from 9:30 to 4pm

A minimum of 4 students per class, max of 6, $200 per student 

Glass Workshop Weekends: Introduction to Vessel Making

This is a two-day workshop where I teach the basic skills needed to form, blow, transfer and finish a simple form. Team work, the use of color and basic bit work will be addressed in a fun and informative way. We invite beginners, as well as people that have some experience, to work together with this fascinating material
See above class times, class sizes and prices 

Glass Exploration Weekly (Spring & Fall) Thursday Evening

Participants will be shown the team method to making a variety of work that will be approached in a way that any skill level can realize a goal, through a progressive instructive environment. As people become more involved with the glass, more possibilities arise for the group. I will provide demonstrations and will work with each person in the shop. 

6 to 9pm sessions available

Thursday evenings
April 6, 13, 20, 27
October 5, 12, 19, 26

$60 per person per week, $200 per person if advance pay full 4-week session. minimum 4, max 6

Other Opportunities to Get Involved

During the events Music on the Hill, Taste of SAW and Festival of Fire the glass shop hosts the following.

Make a Paperweight
$55 per person (drop in during events or schedule a 1 hour session) 

Individually Scheduled Instruction
$55/hour solo; $30/hr per person group size 2-5
$15/hr per person group size 6-1