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Group Size & Cost

3-6 participants per 2-hour workshop for $80 per person


Blacksmithing, Glass Blowing, Welding, Screen Printing, and Stone Carving. See full descriptions below.

Option 1: Morning Schedule

Arrival & Orientation | 9:45 am

Workshop | 10:00 am–12:00 pm

Lunch, Explore the Sculpture Park, and Nature Trails | 12:00 pm–? (Optional)

Option 2: Afternoon Schedule

Arrival & Orientation | 1:45 pm

Workshop | 2:00–4:00 pm

Tour, Explore the Sculpture Park, and Nature Trails | 4:00–? (Optional)

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This is a perfect outing for families and friends to have a hands-on artistic experience to create lifelong memories. (If you are a school or home school group please refer to Art 101 for subsidized trips.) We will work with you to customize your own workshop at SAW. This would include instruction on safety procedures and fundamental skills for participants to create a work of art in each workshop. Participants are welcome to visit the Cary Hill Sculpture Park and tour SAW’s facilities, exploring many contemporary works of art situated on SAW’s 120 acre campus with nearly five miles of nature trails.


Participants will learn safety practices, proper working temperature, hammer control. Tapering, twisting, and curling will be introduced. These techniques will be used to produce a hand forged hook and/or heart.

Glass Blowing

This is an introduction to what glass is and how to work with solid forms and color. Paperweights and flower forms are a great place to discover this fascinating material. Each participant will make something to keep in this fun and informative class. After a brief safety talk and an introduction to the tools and equipment each student will be able to work the Gaffers bench and experiment with the glass.


Participants will be introduced to MIG welding and plasma cutting. In this workshop, students will observe and try different methods of welding. The instructor will provide a demonstration on safe and proper use of a variety of equipment, then participants will choose metal scrap material to create a sculpture of their own design. After sculpture is fabricated, students have the option to paint it.

Stone Carving

Working with hand saws, files, and diamond sanding pads, participants will carve a small piece of soapstone into a unique design. It will be based on a plasticine model that they create. Participants will also get to try stone lettering techniques. The instructor will discuss geology and local slate and marble industries and their influence on the area.

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3-6 participants for $480/ 2 hours of instruction and studio time
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