Live Music & Pizza


SAW hosts regional musicians for an intimate evening of performance and homemade brick-oven pizza. Grab a slice, then sit back and enjoy the sounds of homegrown music.  Paired with our exhibition openings, Live Music & Pizza is full of art and leisure. SAW welcomes everyone to take self-guided tours on these evenings.  Visit studios, meet current resident artists, regional musicians and discuss their artistic processes and thinking.


Last Season

Ben Karis-Nix

July 11th 2015

BenKN fortifies his celebrations of life, love and the natural world with subtle synth patches and sampled beats that coexist with his acoustic guitar and pliant, sometimes plaintive vocals. His skilled mix of the organic and the digital underlie smart lyrics and snappy hooks - a nod to his past as an indie-pop rocker with LA-based Jupiter Sunrise & local mainstays, The Orange. 


Keep an eye out for forthcoming releases from The Orange and a new solo EP of electronic music later this year!

 Photo Credit:  Jeremy Lebled

Photo Credit: Jeremy Lebled

David Schulman

August 1st 2015

David Schulman is a singer/songwriter who picked up the guitar at age thirteen. Music quickly became his truest form of expression and to this day David continues to write and perform his music. 

"It's difficult to explain and better understood if one hears him in person. His guitar is simply the medium, a tool used to draw in his energy and communicate to the listener his inner thoughts or feelings" - AlbanyStudentPress 

Deena Chappell

September 5th 2015

Born on Long Island to a pair of silly- in- love young musicians, Deena Chappell grew up listening to The Beatles, Doo-wop, Bill Monroe, Billie Holiday, folkies like Tom Paxton, Leonard Cohen, Peter, Paul and Mary and that’s just when she was hanging out with Mom. When she was with her dad, she was getting experienced with Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Janis Joplin and The Rolling Stones. Basically, Deena Chappell never stood a chance at living “normal” life (whatever that is). She knew from an early age that music was a big part of who she was.

She started performing with her mom in the local watering holes when she was fourteen. Classic Country was the order of the day and she mastered the styles of  Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and the rest of the outlaws (they don’t make ‘em like they used to). When she was sixteen, she started performing with her dad. That’s when she learned the ins and outs of rock and roll and rhythm and blues…Since then, she’s performed with some of the best musicians in the Northeast playing bluegrass, rock and roll, swing, folk and blues. Deena has recorded two solo albums and has received great reviews for both.

With her captivating voice and undeniable charm; a solo performance of Deena Chappell’s original music is absolutely worth coming out for.

Olivia Quillio

October 3rd 2015

No one quite captures real emotion like Olivia Quillio. That's not surprising considering the Troy,NY based singer/songwriter has essentially been honing her craft since her childhood. With a voice beyond her years, Quillio's always had more in common with Billie Holiday and Joni Mitchell than the pop stars she's grown up with. But her ability to split the difference - blending her influences in folk and jazz with pop accessibility; creates utterly enthralling moments of heartbreak and triumph. Her style is a breath of fresh air; approaching her personal defeats and victories in a way that's not always pretty, that doesn't always paint her in the best light but is refreshingly honest. Quillio's second album, "Get Down & Pray" is due out June 2015. 


This project is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by LARAC/Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council.