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The silkscreen shop at SAW offers a basic arrangement of tools and techniques.  Artists are able to turn almost any drawing or idea into a series of prints through a multi-step process.  The ethos of SAW’s print shop is a focus on DIY and at home printing practices.  It is our hope that participants will leave with the ability to produce their own print studio on a budget.  Many of our chemicals are environmentally friendly and affordable.  4-color prints are possible, as is the ability to print on most surfaces including fabric, paper, wood, etc.  The print shop allows for experienced printers to expand on their skills while introducing beginning printers to a truly magical process.


The Print Shop

The studio is open 24 hours to experienced and inexperienced printers, though beginners will be given an orientation of the shop prior to independent use.

The shop fits about 3-4 artists comfortably, depending on work volume.

Studio Equipment

Many screens of various mesh counts
4-color rotating press
Squeegees of various sizes
Cleaning supplies
Drawing tables
Shelves/cabinets/hooks/drying lines
Dark room with 1.5’x2’ exposing unit
Drying racks
Emulsion Scoop


8” x 11” black and white copy, ¢.10 ea
8” x 11” color copy, ¢.25 ea
8” x 11” transparency, $1 ea
Photo Emulsion, $2.50 ea
Re-usable screen, $5 ea (must clean when done, or pay additional $20 cleaning fee)


Workshops and Classes

SAWs shop offers workshops for artists of all levels. Click "workshops" for more information about our workshops, or click here for our workshop calendar.

Shop Rental

Artists who apply for a wood shop residency have 24 hour access to the studio, except during scheduled workshops and events. This studio is closed-air, has heater, and is available for use year round. 

Residency rates are $25 dollars per day for studio access. Artists are responsible for cost of material and consumables.