Kipuka Theater Presents "The Wedding of V + L"

Final Performance: Sunday, Sept 28 at Sunset

There is a man and a woman who live a devious life, which is, of course, always beautiful, as such things are. They live in the forest of a dream, untethered from time, passionately yet dangerously entwined.

"Ball & Bjornsdottir's The Disastrous Tale of Vera and Linus is a surprising, playful and haunting collection of stories and schemes. As we returns to the source of our inspiration, with a combination of experimental performance crafting and the poetry of Vera & Linus, Kipuka Theater presents a new and  evolved theatrical work, originally created at Salem Art Works in July 2013." - Kipuka Theater

Eamon Fahey as Linus
Kym Bernazky as Vera
Albert Anderson as Linus
Shelli Jean Grant as Vera
Eusebio Arenas as Linus
Louisa Debutts as Vera

Kipuka Theater's  creative team includes Andrew Valentine, Caitlin Michener, and Lani Sidman. This work is dedicated to the memory of Terayama Shuji and Tenjo Sajiki.


"Kipuka Theater put on an amazing performance. The Artists in Residence started at the top of the hill and followed the performers all over the SAW grounds. The actors took advantage of SAW's landscape by incorporating sculptures, equipment, objects, and even the anagama kiln into their performance. With amazing costumes, props and scenery, the actors made the audience participate, question, feel uncomfortable, laugh, cry, eat cake, drink champaign and become entranced by their beautiful and shocking performance. Fantastic performance, what a treat. BRAVO!" - Julia Johnson