Music & Pizza with Anthony Fallacaro

By Julia Johnson.

Our last Music and PIzza of the 10th season was in Barn 1, on the 2nd floor. This space was a great spot to have Anthony Fallacaro perform because it was a beautiful warm night. The garage door in Barn 1 was open and the audience spilled out onto the bleacher seating to chat with one another, eat pizza and mingle.  Open on site, the crowd wandered and explored the grounds. In the Cary House Gallery, we had an exhibition of artwork by Claire Sherwood and Lauren Sandler. In the  front half of Barn 2 was our annual Artists in Residence exhibition. An innovative lighting set up amplified  the artwork, making the pieces seem to pop off the walls. From the ceiling of the barn a metal installation hung and glistened in the light. Sculptures stood by them selves or on pedestals. Installations were put up and paintings hung on the walls. With multiple mediums in the show, the exhibition highlighted the range of artists that come here for our programs. In the show we had prints, paintings, photos, fiber, culinary arts, masonry, iron, wood, cnc machine cuts, welding, blacksmith forging, graphic arts, and video projections.

In the other half of Barn 2, The  Alzheimer's Glass and Iron Project installed a show. The Alzheimer's crew makes visits to surrounding nursing homes to make watercolor paintings with the elderly suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. After the watercolor sessions they give the paintings to an artist who works in either glass or iron. The artist makes a piece inspired by the painting created. The art work is then exhibited with the original watercolor and sold / exhibited for Alzheimer's awareness. In Barn 2 the glass and iron pieces were displayed on pedestals, and were surrounded by the watercolor paintings that inspired them, making a beautiful pairing. 

These exhibitions combined with Anthony Fallacaro's performance was a prefect way to conclude the season. Anthony Fallacaro brought with him a entire sound system for EARS, of Queensbury, and was accompanied by a drummer and bass player, making for an awesome performance. His songs, were of a sweet, danceable, pop - rock nature with a little bit of blues mixed in for good measure. Anthony was a very personable as well;his love for entertaining made the audience feel comfortable, and he picked music that vibed with their mood. Overall, his songs serenaded the whole room, rocked the barn with classic favorites, and making every one get up and dance! After the show he sat down with the remaining audience and talked about his career as a musician and how it started at an early age. He reveled his smart marketing habits and talked about how he was focused on the capitol region. He spoke about how being a well versed musician with many instruments can help you to write music and jam with other musicians. 

At the end of the night the audience gathered in barn 2 to cheer on Harry Orlyk while he "de-taped" his giant painting that hung by the entrance. Harry had been working on the painting all summer. After the applause Harry answered questions form the audience about his process and the significance of the piece.