H.W. at the Salem Tavern

By Julia Johnson

Last Thursday night at the Salem Tavern The Loft Boyz from Tannersville, NY (Hunter Mt.) Came up to open for H.W.,  the Salem Art Works house band.

The Loft Boyz played their original songs that sound like screaming ramblings that you MUST bang your head to. Their songs best capture a emotion or feeling, either frustration, nostalgia or just the urge to rage. Their truly unique sound  is somewhere between punk, undertones of ska, and hazy rock. The Loft Boyz consists of the Soranno brothers, Matt and Adam, Adam Anderton and Frank Cabrera. Watch the video below, featuring three of their songs. "Traffic", "Dueces" and "Way Home". 

When H. W. took the stage it was a burst of energy and theatrical gestures, H. W. is mash up of personalities and sound that somehow just works. The unique aspect of H.W. is how the band’s players switch instruments, and each individually write songs. With each instrumental transition, like a kaleidoscope, as the switch occurs the identity of the songs change. Some songs are deep soulful poetic lyrics, then others are trance inducing melodies and words. H. W. has pieces that sound familiar and sweet, but all of there music is filled with amped up, juicy rock and roll. The band consists of Adam Sorrano, Chase Winkler, Chris Zirbes, and Anthony Cafritz. For hours H. W. played their original songs with gusto and energized dancing and playing. Something to be noted is that all of the members of H. W. are working and practicing artists at Salem Art Works. Perhaps it is their creative intellect that that makes H. W. such a original and emotionally intuitive band.  The video below showcases a few songs from the performance at the Tavern. Featuring ""It's No Use", "Screamin' Across the Sky", "Blow Truth", Believe It", and "Surface".

Way to go boys. Way to nail it on the head!