Adrian Landon's New Install

Adrian Landon who was an exhibiting artist from last year in the Cary House Gallery, came up this past weekend to install two new sculptures in our sculpture park. The Cary Hill Sculpture Park is going through a lot of refurbishing lately, and adding the dung beetles on the hill is a perfect symbol for the change happening in the park. Dung beetles are collectors and cleaners, so as the beetles fictionally travel through the park slowing picking up scraps and discarded junk they are helping clear the property just like the bulldozers and brush hogs who have been actively finishing the trails and roads. 

Adrian Landon

Adrian Landon

Dung Beetle: fabricated, sculpted and painted stainless steel. 

Dimensions: 4 ft. high, 3.5 ft. wide, 3 ft. long.

Weight: 100-200 lbs.

Dung Ball: actual found and fabricated objects (fire hydrants, lampposts, street signs, ... as mentioned above) fabricated steel objects, all welded and attached to a hidden inner steel  pipe dodecahedron structure (a geometric sphere made of 12 pentagons, refer to image “dodecahedron”).

Dimensions: about 7-8 ft. high/in diameter.

Weight: 1000-1500 lbs.

Total dimensions: 10 ft. long, 7-8 ft. high, 7-8 ft. wide. 

Total weight: 1100-1700 lbs.

Adrian Landon

Adrian Landon

The dung-beetle or scarab, an insect native to temperate zones and found in most parts of the world, is known for collecting mainly cow dung in fields by rolling it into a ball and across the land, burying it into the ground, and consuming it. This process provides many benefits to the environment such as nutrient recycling, soil structure and natural fertilizer, livestock hygiene and natural manure disposal. The dung beetle is an essential part of the ecosystem that most people might not know about. It is also a sacred Egyptian symbol of the cycle of life and the sun. In this case, the giant dung beetle is collecting man-made objects from the city streets, cleaning up the human impact on the earth. The concept refers to our increasingly serious impact on the environment through pollution and garbage, and the importance for us to learn to recycle and become more sustainable.

The goal is to provide the public and this public space with an interesting, educative and exciting large-scale sculpture addressing today’s pressing environmental issues in a fun way. The beetle being part of nature and the contents of the dung ball being completely urban will make the sculpture very relevant to the park’s urban outdoor environment and interact with the public and surroundings. - Adrian Landon, 2014


"I was born and raised in New York City and attended the Lycée Francais. My father is a violin maker from France and growing up around all the intriguing shapes of the instruments had a significant influence on my creativity. My father also had an art gallery with my mother who is from Holland.

After studying Industrial Design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, traveling and working out in the American West and learning the trade of violin making and horseback riding with my father, I studied metal sculpture at The Arts Students League of New York. I remember that for a very long time I have had a strange curiosity for metal. My metal shop is currently located in Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York.

It is all about the process, about shaping, forming, manipulating the element, putting my energy into it, using my hands, my body, to wrestle the metal, and making sure people can see it. Steel is my main medium and my main tools are the anvil and hammer." - Adrian Landon, 2013

Adrian Landon

Adrian Landon