Music and Pizza with Erica Russo and The Good Sport

We had our first Music and Pizza of the season and it was a booming success.  Erica Russo and the Good sport from Western MA, played for us. Their songs and lyrics were poetic mastery which told stories about travel, love, family, life, home. Their sound was folky, upbeat, jumpy, relaxed but intentional. The whole band jammed and rocked, complimenting each other instinctually. Erica Russo the singer / songwriter had a soft, light voice completely unique. The audience was entranced by the band, eating their pizza, and nodding their heads to the music. After the performance the band sat down with the audience around the stage and were asked questions from the intrigued Music and Pizza guests. The question and answer session gave insight about the band's music career. The band members consist of Erica Russo, who plays guitar and sings, Billy Leva, who plays the drums, Ryland Hall, who plays the bass, and John Zurek, who plays the saxophone. The band talked about how some of them they meet at Mass Art, how they write music and jam together, what it's like to travel and tour, and what it's like to be an emerging band that's getting popular and finding success.

For more information about Erica Russo and the Good Sport visit their website here: