Sister Sylvester

Sister Sylvester's Performance" Make Like It’s Yours: Experiments in Radical Hospitality."

Accompanied by three actors and three designers, Kathryn Hamilton will develop and direct a new performance piece which will span multiple mediums. The performance will build upon her last performance “The Screens”, and will utilize various spaces at SAW moving the audience while teetering on the line between a play and an exhibition.

Kathryn Hamilton is a British director who received an MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts. Originally from England, she has traveled and performed in the US and internationally. To see samples of her work and learn more about her recent projects, please view her website at

"Make Like It’s Yours" begins from two considerations of hospitality: Jean Genet’s instruction that a guest must steal from their host to break the bond of debt through transgression, and Derrida’s 1996 lectures on hospitality, "Foreigner Question" and Step of Hospitality/No Hospitality”. The piece itself will be a series of experiments in radical hospitality, with a form inspired by 1980’s avant-garde art on T.V. shows like Kęstutis Nakas, Your Program of Programs’, and Christoph Schlingenseif’s U3000, a broadcast from the Berlin subway.