Music & Pizza with Bells Roar & Yard Sale

By Julia Johnson

Bells Roar on August 1st

Yard Sale on September 5th

Sean Desire of Bell's Roar played at one of Music and Pizza's busiest days yet. Families picnicked in the yard, lounged around the tent and enjoyed the music. The pizzas came out, slowly but surely, and guests jumped at the chance to eat them. Both artists Cynthia Rosen and Regis Bordie were at the opening, chatting with visitors about their show. The exhibition was a beautiful merge of similar looking gestures, lines, edges and texture. 

Sean's voice was spot on, clear and strong. She sang with her beats that were playing from the speakers and had a crowd full of listeners bobbing their heads. Bell's Roar is a combination of beautiful, soft vocals and electronic trance composers.  Between songs, Sean talked about the stories behind the songs as well as  things that inspire her as a musicians. After the set, Sean spoke with the audience in a Q & A discussion about what it's like to be a musician and where she plans to play next. 

On September 5th the weather was warm but not as hot as the music Yard Sale was playing. Yard Sale, the three - man bluegrass/ old- time band played at our third Music and Pizza and completely killed it. By the end of the performance the tent turned into a hoedown; dancers were swinging, tapping and stomping their feet, dancers were doing the dosey-doe and getting down. Yard Sale's songs were about relatable things like romance, having little money, dreaming big, and enjoying the simple things in life like a cold beer and good friends. 

Coinciding with Yard Sale was Claire Sherwood's and Lauren Sandler's exhibition opening in Cary House Gallery. Their work was harmonious; the overall aesthetic of the exhibition was monochromatic, involving domestic and feminine objects. Claire portrayed her life through a series of every day house hold objects which she created using clay and white wash glaze. She arranged them in natural groupings, the way they might be stumbled upon in real life. She even made an entire sink basin completed with pipes and faucets that had a small ceramic toothbrush and toothpaste set upon it.. Lauren made objects that resembled natural forms like rocks, then decorated them with culinary embellishing that looked like pipping of deserts.