Recap of the Sculpture Park Party

by Julia Johnson

I would say the Sculpture Park Party was successful, the goal of the party was to let the public know that the sculpture park has changed with the addition of the new road, that it's easier to access, to walk / drive  up whenever you like, to use the fire pit, the trails, and to camp. Also, to let the public know the sculpture park will be adding a lot more new and interesting sculptures with this upcoming season. 

The weather / wind was a surprise and something we didn't expect, but I thought the crowd was really tough, good troopers and still had a good time. With this party SAW pulled off things that we have never done before, the shuttle, scavenger hunt, serving beer, and stages with performers on the top of the hill, so that was interesting to see how it played out. Seeing the North and South Dakotas play under the DiSuvero with the sunset in the background made it worth it! It was defiantly something special. (I thought). 

This year the Sculpture Park Party, was our big music event, last year it was Barn Bash to show off the renovations of Barn 1 and Barn 3. We still have Music and Pizza series this year and the Intercollegiate Iron Pour that will have a Iron Pour Performance on the sculpture park.