Art House Residency

ArtHouse was a four-week program where four artist teams were tasked with the construction of a new creative living space on site for future residents. SAW houses a huge amount of artists each year from around the globe.  Artists and some staff live and work communally between three farm houses, campers, and tent platforms - with a shared outdoor kitchen and eating area. SAW is constantly advancing and developing new creative ways to make things more flexible, accommodating, and efficient for everybody - That’s where the ArtHouse idea came from: As donated campers that were used for living quarters became older, we decided to strip them down to their steel frames, and invite artists to build new housing on them. 

Each team was provided with a tight but adequate amount of funding for materials to build their structure and some simple guidelines to build their art house. The design and functionality were up to the artists to create each structure unique. The only constant was to make each house safe, structural, watertight, mobile, and comfortable. Each artist was awarded an equal amount of free time after the housing construction was complete to use SAW’s facilities to focus on their personal work in accordance with an opening reception in SAW’s Barn II gallery space at the end of their stay. The project was a great success - the following provides information and photographs documenting the specifics of the project.

After the Arthouse Residents had (mostly) completed the living quarters, they devoted their time to concentrating fully on their work - looking towards an exhibition in SAW’s Barn II gallery space. Below are images of the artist’s work in the exhibition. An amazing display ON TOP of working extremely hard on the houses.


A big thank you to Dane Winkler, who designed and lead the program, as well as to the artists who participated in the program,

Jonas Lindberg - MFA Alfred University
Tim Walker - MFA - Bowling Green University
Hugh Condrey Bryant - MFA University of Maryland
Derek Weston - BFA MassArt
Vanessa Mastronardi - MFA candidate University of Albany
Nathan Lewis - SUNY Potsdam
Monroe Isenberg - MFA candidate University of Maryland
Chelsea Thew - BFA SUNY Plattsburgh
Bridget Beck - MFA - University of California Los Angeles

and the local companies who donated materials to the project,

Curtis Lumber Company - Contractor supply with 21 locations in NY and VT. Specifically Rich Keating, Doug Ford, and Mark Haley.
R and M Bargain Barn - Contractor supply warehouse in Granville NY. Specifically, Derek Shaw.
Drumm’s Sawmill - Sawmill in Schuylerville NY.
Macleod’s Lumber - Lumber supply warehouse in Whitehall NY. Specifically, Bart Macleod.
Dockside Logistics - Warehouse transportation service. Specifically, Tyler Ugran. 
Hoosick Tire - Used tire store in Cambridge NY.
True Value, Salem Hardware - Hardware supply in Salem NY.
Mac Steel - Steel supply and scrap yard in Rutland VT, Specifically Josh Mac.
A & J Enterprises - Lumber and hardware supply in Salem NY.