2018 Art House Residents

Art House is a four week program geared toward creative artists, designers, architects, and builders. Three teams are tasked with the design and construction of new living spaces for artist residents at SAW. This year the residency will culminate in a public “open house” including live music and food to display the new Art Houses and personal artwork created by the crews during their residency. 



Wandy Pascoal is an Angolan student pursuing a master's degree in Architecture from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In addition to discovering the effects and use of the physical space, she also practices photography.  Both her architectural designs and photographs explore concepts of time, self-reflexivity, dreamscape, and space. Wandy is interested in the habitation of transition spaces and how they are often overlooked. She is excited that her group’s art house will exist as a transitional space, gathering place, destination, and a point of origin.


Claudia Martinez is currently pursuing her Masters of Architecture at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She is inspired by research-based design, and specifically, designs that improve people's quality of life in hospitals and medical spaces. Her belief that architecture and art have the power to heal and effect positive change motivates her to design inclusive, uplifting spaces. When she is not working on her architecture, she likes to draw and explore with bright colors reminiscent of her of her home in Puerto Rico.


Lindsay Tibbitts is in her final year of the Masters of Architecture program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She is focusing on structure, building materials, and renovating old buildings for accessibility and sustainability. In her work, she focuses on materiality- how it looks, how it behaves, and how it affects the mood of the entire structure. She is dedicated to the principles of universal design and accessibility because it is all too easy to make aesthetic decisions that exclude people from a space.


Chase Winkler is a multi-media artist with a BFA in ceramics. His current studio practice is dedicated to forming clay and making pottery on which he then carves ornate, detailed imagery. Ultimately, his goal is to show his sculpture, ceramics, drawings and paintings together.


Joe Blocker grew up in Greensboro NC and studied at UNC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem where he received a BFA in Ballet/Contemporary Dance. His interest in ArtHouse stemmed from his love for building. He has constructed decks and porches, a 30 x 70 foot grow tunnel, and modified a 1990 Ford Econolpne van for living arrangements with solar power, kitchen, and bed. He worked in junkyard removal between school semesters and developed an ability to see reusable objects in other’s discarded material.


Max Baynes is a sculptor who works predominantly in steel, occasionally in ceramics and wood, and uses acrylic painting as a fast-pace addendum to his process and understanding. In his work, he strives to find a conversation between sculptural forms. His work is concerned with how the eye moves around the sculpture and he utilities music to create the cadence of that movement. Steel has been instrumental in exploring his curiosities because of its strength and durability; however, he is beginning to expand these ideas into more fragile mediums.


Marie Lemmond is a recent graduate of UNCG where she earned a BFA in Interior Architecture and AFA in studio art/sculpture. She has a background in residential and commercial painting and worked on farms for many years, giving her a strong interest in sustainability built environments. She recently earned her LEED Green Associate credential and completed an internship with the GreenBuilt Alliance in Asheville, NC. As a student, Marie was a fellow at the Community Center for Engaged Design where she worked on projects focused on making a positive impact in the community. Her interest in sustainability and spatial design and organization led her to pursue Interior Architecture to better understand the effects space has on our psychology, health, and the wellbeing of our environment.