Ceramic Mug


Ceramic Mug


Wonderful Handmade Pottery mug glazed in a combination of slate blue, rust and rich brown.

This is a handcrafted piece of art pottery. Finished items will have variations in color and texture.  Color may vary slightly from image due to variations in monitors. Glazes may vary slightly from photo since each piece is handcrafted and unique.



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These mugs were created at Salem Art Works.  Salem Art Works is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit art center and sculpture park located in Washington County, NY. Founded in 2005 by artist Anthony Cafritz, Salem Art Works is dedicated to supporting both emerging and established artists in the creation of new and progressive work, as well as promoting the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art within the region.

Please take note these mugs are handmade and vary slightly. 

*Due to the unique styling of hand crafted mugs not two mugs will be exactly the same size/shape or color. Size may differ up to two inches from the listed dimensions. 

*This item is handmade and our tolerance for variation is 1" difference

*Dishwasher safe, but preference is to be hand washed