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Adventures in Screen Printing

Participants with little to no experience will be introduced to creating stencils, using the dark room, and printing techniques.

Techniques covered include; Stencil techniques; rendering art for screen printing, creating multiple layered images, overview inkjet printer transparencies and settings; Darkroom procedures; coating screens with emulsion, transferring stencils into a print ready screen, recycling emulsion; and Printing techniques; preparing screens, registration for single multiple colors, mixing inks, squeegees, safely heat curing commercial fabric inks (plastisol), ink cleanup, paper printing on backboards, printing on fabric using SAW’s commercial print shop. Students will create bold, graphic images based on their own sketches or images they bring to class. Students are encouraged to bring along several images and items to print on. Usable materials include heavyweight paper, cotton shirts, canvas rag, and linen. No fuzzy material or nylon.


Saturday June 10 and Sunday June 11, 9:30am to 4pm

Cost: $170.00; Workshop fee includes materials and complimentary 3 hour studio time

Requirements: Participants must have close-toed shoes or boots, natural clothes, and hair tied back

14 +, Participants under 18 must have a parent/guardian present

Later Event: June 10
Beginner Glass Blowing