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Sat, 10/06, 10-11:30am, Workshop 1
Sat, 10/06, 7:30pm, Reading
Sun, 10/07, 1-4pm, Workshop 2
Cost: $100 plus $75/night onsite housing
Instructor: Ciaran Cooper
Level: Intermediate and up

$75 per night for onsite housing includes meals.

Workshop One: The Elements of Strong Storytelling (Saturday, 90 minutes)

What makes a great story? We'll address this through the analysis of how character, plot, and powerful language work together to support the narrative arc.

This workshop will employ a range of exercises and close readings to help you create vivid characters and develop strong emotional turning points for them while maximizing the impact of your words to draw your readers in and keep them engaged. We’ll focus on elements of scene, including point of view, character development, dialogue, sense of place, and story movement.

We'll look at writing samples from some of the best contemporary and classic fiction that illustrate the elements of strong storytelling in a range of structures, including short stories, micro-fiction, and novels.

This workshop is open to all levels of writer, whether you’re just starting out, have written a few stories but want to hone your craft, or have already published but want to develop some new approaches in a supportive environment.

Workshop Two: Story Development Roundtable (Sunday, 3 hours)

This workshop will provide an opportunity for students to share up to ten pages of their work, whether finished or in progress, and receive positive critical feedback from the group. We’ll use the elements discussed in Workshop One as the framework to address each student’s manuscript.

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Earlier Event: October 6
Later Event: October 12