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Sat, 10/06, 10-11:30am, Workshop 1
Sat, 10/06, 7:30pm, Reading
Sun, 10/07, 1-4pm, Workshop 2
Cost: $100 plus $75/night onsite housing
Instructor: Christopher Salerno
Level: Intermediate and up

$75 per night for onsite housing and meals.

Workshop One: Exploring New Modes in Contemporary Poetry (Saturday, 90 minutes)

In this workshop we will identify and practice writing in various contemporary poetic modes found across the spectrum of well-known poets publishing today. With an eye toward the free verse lyric and narrative poetries, this workshop will employ a range of close readings and exercises to help you generate poems that make the most of the moment and keep the reader engaged. By surveying the current landscape of poetry and its dominant styles, manners, and techniques, we will explore the ways various celebrated contemporary poems work on the page as well as how we can locate and distinguish our own work in the larger conversation of craft.

Workshop Two: (Sunday, 3 hours)

This workshop will provide an opportunity for students to generate and share several pages of their work, whether finished or in progress, and receive positive critical feedback from the group. We’ll use the elements discussed in Workshop One as the framework to address each student’s manuscript.

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Earlier Event: October 6
Later Event: October 6