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Dates: Sat-Sun | 06/02-06/03 | 10-5pm | 2 days
Cost: $240
Instructor: Ron Bakerian
Level: Beginner and up

This workshop accommodates levels I and II students.

Level I students will be introduced to safety, shop protocols and etiquette, and techniques which include hammer control, basic curls, shouldering, riveting, hot cutting, basic metallurgy, safety, nomenclature, simple twists, and general “white work”. Emphasis will be on control of fire temperature and use of tools.

Level II will build on basic skills learned in Level I. Emphasis will be on understanding the appropriate working temperature of the metal; identifying issues with tooling/techniques related to temperature.; Eg, damaging hot-cuts on metal that's too cold, dulling drill bits, and band-saw blades on metal that's been inadvertently work/quench hardened. Beginner students make a lot of hooks to build the necessary control of hand tools and fire temperature needed for advancing to other projects.

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