SAW's Studios

All facilities and artist studios are located in repurposed dairy barns and houses throughout SAW’s 119.4 acre campus. Both individual and shared studio spaces are available, allowing artists to work in a private or communal setting. A limited number of indoor studios are available for artists whose equipment, materials, or work would be negatively impacted by open air studios. Movable walls, changeable lighting, and additional furnishings are also available to create effective work spaces anywhere on SAW’s grounds.

SAW’s resources are available for use by all artists, regardless of discipline. Artist safety is top priority. Prior to use of equipment and facilities we ask that artists review rules and safety guidelines. Technical assistance is always available for artists who are unfamiliar with any equipment. One-on-one tutorials are available upon request for artists and guests who desire further instruction, for an additional fee.

 SAW is a former dairy farm; all facilities are rustic and greatly affected by the environment and weather.

Off-Site Resources

SAW is proud to have working relationships with two professional music studios in the area, Edie Road Recording Studio and Origin Studio, where musicians in residence have the opportunity to record for an additional fee.  Additional musical and recording equipment is available through both studios, as well as access to a professional sound engineer. For full equipment lists and information about fees please contact the SAW office.

On-Site Resources

  • Boom truck

  • 4 x 4 Truck

  • Condor man lift

  • Tractor with fork attachments

  • Flatbed trailer

  • Gantries

  • Ladders

  • Assorted hand tools

  • Assorted hardware

Facility Rental

Facility rental is for artists who want to use our studios for a daily rate. This is ideal for artists who have a project to complete and want to use SAW’s studios for the space and equipment. Artists are welcome to stay on site for an additional fee. Available studios for rent include the welding bay and sand barn, as well as the ceramics, blacksmithing. The facility rental covers use of some equipment. Regular material fees will apply. If the individual needs assistance, they can receive tutorials or assistance for $25 per hour. 


Rate: $25per day. Please make arrangements with the SAW office for dates and times. NOTE: All studios are shared with artists on site. Regular material fees will apply.