SUNY Adirondack Monthly Newsletter: UPDATE SUNY ADK: SUNY Adirondack partners with Salem Art Works for public display, October 2019

A Healthier Upstate: Heath and Happiness in your Hometown: Hugh McCabe, Hidden Gems: Salem Art Works, July 9 2018

The Post Star: Andrew David Kuczkowski Unique Creations Fill Glens Falls City Park during the LARAC June Arts Festival, June 16 2018

The Post Star: Kathleen Phalen-Tomaselli
Hebron Man, 21, Wins History's Forging Competition, June 25 2017

Art in Brooklyn: Salem Art Works (SAW) Art Exhibition at Kingsborough Art Museum (KAM) "Inherent Narrative" April 2 2017

The Post Star: Doug Gruse, Under the sea at SUNY Adirondack, June 24 2016

The Post Star: Kathleen Phalen-Tomaselli, Salem Art Works: An Artist's Tincture for Invention, October 9 2016

Vermont News Guide: SAW Intercollegiate Iron Pour: 4,000 Lbs of 2800° Molten Metal, September 2015

AHA! A House for the Arts: Salem Art Works, November 30, 2015

Times Union: Scene and Heard, August 2015

Times Union: Steve Barnes, Sushan, Athens, Cherry Valley Worthwhile Day Trips, August 21 2015

Times Union:
Capital Region is rich with small-scale art venues, July 2015

Times Union: Art Talks: News in Brief, July 2015

Berkshire Eagle: Art all summer long, May 2015

Berkshire Eagle: Salem Art Works Celebrates International Sculpture Day, April 2014

Capital Region Living: Salem Art Works – An environment of art and artistry, October 2013

schwä salem2salem Goes Into The Fourth Round, August 2013

Nippertown: Live: SAWFest at Salem Art Works, July 2013

The Times Union: On Exhibit: Russell Serrianne at Salem Art Works, July 2013

The Record: SAWFest’s Laid Back Vibe Attracts Loyal Followers, July 2013

Saratoga Living: The SAW Experience: Finding Collaboration and Inspiration at Salem Art Works, Summer 2013

Russell Serrianne Solo Exhibition in Cary House Gallery: The Times Union, “Freedom Summer: Critic Picks in Visual Arts“, June 2013

Times Union: Grants Fund Art Class for Students, 2013

Art 101: The Times Union, “Grants Fund Arts Class for Students”, January 2013

WinterFest: The Post Star, “Cold Meets Heat: Salem Event Raises Money for Fuel Fund”, January 13, 2013

Metroland, “Living Arts“, August 16, 2012

All Over Albany: Iron Pour at Salem Art Works, September 2012

Salem2Salem: SÜDKURIER (German Newspaper), August 2012

Times Union, “Salem Art Works Worth a Visit”, July 2012

Bennnington Magazine, “Local Vocals”, Summer 2012

Porch Pieces: The Free George, “Porch Pieces: A Unique, Travelling Art Project”, August 2010

Porch Pieces: The Post Star, “Out On The Porch”, August 31, 2010

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