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Our Foundry mission starts with creating a safe environment for participating students to learn and experiment with the casting process, while embracing the communal aspect of working in a team. In witnessing the effort that goes into producing a casting project from concept through completion, one can’t help but to see the importance of working together as a collective group to create work that will last the ages.

Throughout the year we host opportunities to observe demo pours, partake in workshops, and become involved with our community outreach. SAW also hosts its annual Intercollegiate Iron Conference in September, that is also open to the public. This is our foundry’s largest benefit event.

The SAW Foundry visits other schools and pours around the country during the year to help other programs and be a presence of the community at large.

Our foundry is an arts-education and training facility where professional artists and students are encouraged to engage in all stages of the casting process, we invite you to become a part of our practice.



Participants in the foundry program have access to our 3,100 square foot mold making studio, a metal shop for finishing and the opportunity to participate with pours. We are using a none caustic water soluble resin, but welcome all molds to be poured. 

Equipment & Supplies

Coke fired furnaces
Small aluminum furnace
Wax melt out kiln
Preheat kiln for ceramic shells
Access to gantry and fork lift capabilities for larger molds
Sand mixers
Flasking supplies
Banding and weighting materials
Wax working area
An assortment of hand tools
Safety gear 

Consumables for purchase and other costs

Wax @ $5 per pound
Sand @ $20 per 100 pounds
Iron  @ $0.50 per pound
Aluminum @ $6 per pound
Abrasives @ $3 per disc
Rubber molding @ $10 per pound
Sand Barn rental @ $25 per day
Private instruction @ $20 per hour


We are constantly working hard to offer a variety classes to the up and coming metal caster, as well as the well seasoned ones.

Visit the calendar for details and registration. 

Cuttlebone Workshop

This primitive approach allows students to work with the casting process on a smaller scale to create a piece of their own design in Britannia metal. This three-hour class gives each participating student a how to lesson and demonstration along with instruction of negative carving to create jewelry, or a small sculptural casting. 

Great for, but not limited to, first time casters, school groups and families.
$60 per student

Bowl-o-Rama Workshop

In this workshop, students are given a pre-packed, two-part sand mold of a bowl form to carve into with instruction during this three-hour class. Their final product will be poured at the next available iron pour, in which these classes will be scheduled around. Students are not required to attend the pour, but are encouraged to come and enjoy the event. 

Great for gifts and large groups. No prior experience required.
$40 per student 

Aluminum Workshop

In this workshop students have the chance to create a small table top sculpture with the lost wax method. Students will be given guidance to create a positive form of their own design in wax, learn the process of sand molding and wax melt out, and then followed with an aluminum pour and instruction on finishing techniques. 

$170 per student plus consumables. Sand is included. 

Iron Workshop

In our most intensive workshop, students will have the opportunity to work on both multi parted sand molds and wax melt outs to create what ever project they have in mind. Other instruction on alternative molds may be covered in class. This class runs for 7 days, starting at 9:30am and ending at 4pm with the exception of the pour day, which can run later depending on class size. We will also cover foundry practices and furnace operations during the week.
All levels are welcomed.

$350 per student plus consumables

Private Workshop

What are you interested in?

Would you like to learn how to make a rubber mold for casting multiples, or need help designing a candle mold for your beeswax?

How about learning to build your own forge or what goes into making a small bronze or aluminum furnace?

Or would you like to learn how to fix that old cast iron stove that has been passed down for generations?



Our Annual Intercollegiate Iron Pour is a chance for college students from across the nation to come together on September 23rd - 25th to share techniques, ideas, and resources in iron casting while building up a dialogue to question and embrace this process. Participants spend the weekend working in groups to prepare molds, furnaces and our pour site. Some other opportunities for this event is exposure to a fire arts performance and keynote speaker.
Participating Students pay $100 for this three-day event which includes participation in the pour as well as meals and camping for the weekend. 


Other opportunities to get involved

Demo pours

All of our pours are open to the public and are a great catalyst for introducing the process to future students. All of our iron pours also give the chance for the public to participate with scratch block molds that are available for purchase on site with instruction.

Iron Supplement!

Are you looking to get rid of that old cast iron radiator, sink or rusty tub?
SAW is always looking for iron donations to melt back down and turn into one of a kind works of art. Please contact us and we’d be happy to reclaim and recycle your unwanted iron.


We are always interested in growing our contact list for metal casters in the area. Let us know who you are and check out our pour dates on our event calendar and get involved! While students are encouraged to participate, walk ups are welcomed with prior metal casting experience. 

Group Opportunities

Contact our office today to book a private workshop for yourself, event or business function.
The casting method lends itself to a group atmosphere and SAW serves as a great backdrop to enjoy this creative process for any event.

Gift Shop

Come and check out some of the product we make here on site by students and artists and help support our programming with your purchase!

Mobile Foundry Outreach

Our traveling foundry and outreach program allows us to visit participating schools, businesses, organizations or events to help educate and talk about the casting process. There is also potential of using pre-existing equipment on site, or bringing our portable foundry for groups that want a more in-depth experience.